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Translating Business Challenges into Viable Solutions

Receivership: A form of bankruptcy in which a company can avoid liquidation by reorganizing with the help of a court-appointed trustee.

Receiver: A person appointed by a bankruptcy court or secured creditor to run a company for a short period of time in a manner that will ensure as much debt is paid back to creditors as possible. The main purpose of a receiver is to use a company's assets in a way that will most effectively pay back creditors. Depending on where a receiver is appointed, there are numerous restrictions on how he or she runs a business. For instance, in many jurisdictions a receiver can run a company only for 14 days. In turn, a receiver's main function is often simply to liquidate all available assets. When a receiver is appointed, the company is said to be "in receivership."
Luis Echeverria's professional background and performance, support my actions as external or Outsourced Temporary Manager. I will be in control of the company’s performance, and safe guard the company’s interest and profitability or acting as a Receiver, I will safeguard the best interest of creditors. 

35+ years of experience in corporate management, strategic planning, credit, asset, liability & risk management, treasury, foreign exchange, commercial & investment banking project development and implementation, Performance Management, Financial Management, Business Intelligence, IT management, Receivership and other critical business management issues.          
High sense for early detection in corporate performance and industry trends.  A trained vision for corporate exposure and investment risk.
A trained and skilled communicator and leader, whereby I can interact with all areas of a corporation (marketing vs. products, account managers vs. customers, traders vs. positions, and strategists vs. markets).  Excellent critical thinking skills, which allow me to understand and effectively aggregate a range of variables and arrive at sensible credit decisions, comprehensive investment and credit operations, and sound risk management programs. Multilingual (Spanish, English (100% BI-cultural)
Proficient in Microsoft Systems applications Word, Excel, Power Point, Data Base, Projects, Visio and other tool applications.

Personal profile
organized, trained to manage multiple tasks and make decisions on a variety of different issues simultaneously.
Sensitive to
efficiency, dead lines and implementation of projects and programs.  A focused professional who gets the job done.
I am an excellent
leader, but always alert to the opportunity to listen to others.
Excellent at handling stress: I can
work under pressure never losing sight of my goals, giving my best performance in these circumstances, not letting the stress of events affect me emotionally and maintaining my focus.
Critical thinker and decision-maker: I have the ability to see the global picture, which means quickly assessing the problems as well as the solutions, devising a strategy for implementation, leading my team to landing the project.
do not get lost on details, leaving those to my team that can deal with them, but always remaining alert to the proper solution and performance of all elements and directing the way towards closing the case or landing the project.
lmplementator:     I force solutions to problems, as I am a "closer." For good or bad, I face projects to come to a conclusion never leaving things unattended or incomplete.  This is probably one of my most visible strengths.
Enjoy people.  I am team oriented and a long-term player.
I am in
excellent health condition and can carry the load.

What I can do for you and your organization

  • Highly trained and sensitive approach in project objectives

  • Highly organized and diligent daily exposure monitoring

  • A broad and sensitive mind for maximizing results via exposure allocation

  • Never come back with "my hands empty", when attending critical situations, always provide viable and creative solutions to problem accounts or adverse situations.

  • Expertise in keeping other relative units and management well informed of exposure aggregates, credit management, trends and specific situations of relative importance.

  • Organization, hands on involvement
    Process, Procedures & Operations
    Sales & Marketing
    Strategic Alliances and Affiliations
    Crisis Management
    Damage Control
    Mission Critical Units
    Impact the bottom line
    Protect the company’s assets and Creditors best interest

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