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Translating Business Challenges into Viable Solutions

Interamerican Investment Group (IIG) is a company  formed in 1985 by Investment Bankers  & Management Consultants to provide specialized  Management Consulting, Financial Advisory Services and Placements.
IIG, a one stop International Management Consulting & Investment Banking Boutique, providing a unique combination of services, individual talent and a large contact network, needed to comply with the requirements of the most demanding projects. 
We will stay with our customer through the entire process until the final objective is accomplished.

“We are experts at translating your project goals and objectives into successful solutions”

...all congruent with current financial market profiles and domestic / international business environment.
The value of our relationships with other professionals and companies in the financial services arena greatly improves the success possibilities by reaching alternative global sources.

We have great confidence, that by reaching out to alternative or non traditional sources of funds, such as a world organizations of investment banking firms with global presence, we will be able to accomplish the objective with a wider variety of creative solutions and terms.

  “We strive to provide creative and unconventional alternatives”

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